Le Petit No. 7

12. November 2015 - Uncategorized

Die siebte und letzte Runde von Le Petit mit einer Arbeit von Edith Kollath sollte mittlerweile Ihren Briefkasten erreicht haben:


Espace Surplus Le Petit

Presents No. VII – the finale


Edith Kollath (*1977)

Block with the sound of its own unmaking

Video, 9’01’’, munken pure 21 x 21cm, 2015


The work

A number with six digits: A point on a time axis as the invitation to acoustically encounter the exact moment where the paper you are holding in your hands has been torn out – just follow the audio track at

Some traces of black book binding glue might be found on one side: Relicts of the process of deconstructing a cuboid sheet by sheet back into two-dimensionality. This process has been recorded and can be listened to over and over again.

A reference to Robert Morris’ work from 1961: Box with the Sound of its Own Making.



The artist

Edith Kollath studied Fine Arts at HfBK Hamburg and fashion/textile design at HAW Hamburg.

Since 2003 she showed her work in solo and group exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main; New York, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Santander, Ljubljana and Vienna among others.

She has been a lecturer at HFG Offenbach and is currently working on her PhD at Bauhaus University Weimar.